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Hebei Tubo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hebei Tubo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reliable enterprise specializing in the production and exporting of welded tube/pipe mills, cold roll forming machines, and slitting lines, as well as auxiliary equipment. For over 15 years, we have developed and grown in line within the continuously evolving industry.

TUBO is more than just a manufacturer of high-quality equipment. We also offer our valued customers professional technical consultation and after-sales services. Meanwhile, our products are all produced in accordance with the requirements and requests of users.

We are a dependable partner, providing high quality engineering design and technical support for customers all over the world, at any time. We believe that our success starts with your success.

With over 160 sets of CNC machining equipment, 200 employees, and a 45,000 square meter production facility, TUBO Machinery is well equipped to complete continuous development and produce high quality products satisfying the needs of customers. We welcome client cooperation for mutual improvement.

TUBO has earned a good reputation from clients in China and abroad thanks to our high-quality welded pipe mills, cold roll forming machines, and slitting lines. Our machines have been successfully put into operation in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia, Albania, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Syria, Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and more.


With latest design software and over 15 years of rich experience, we have mastered the most advanced cold roll forming technologies, including cage forming, FF forming, FFX forming, direct square forming, etc.

With our advanced software, we can design pipe/tube machines with optimal returns on investment after refining the calculation for sizes and outputs for customer requests.

Our goal is to create value for clients.

  • Pre-sale service

    TUBO MACHINERY engineers analyze user requirements carefully to ensure all demands are satisfied accordingly.

  • Installation and commissioning

    Turn-key installation and commissioning of complete sets of tube mills, slitting lines and roll forming machines;
    Supervision of installation and commissioning;
    Training for your technicians/workers during commissioning;
    We can help find experts for long-term operating of the mill, upon request.

  • After-sale support

    TUBO MACHINERY can provide a set of perfect after-sales services to our customers. After installation and commissioning, comprehensive technical training will be provided to the operators and maintenance workers.
    After-sales service technicians will keep a detailed record of customer information and equipment status for the customer and make periodical updates and closed-loop tracking.
    In case of any problem, our maintenance engineers will respond by telephone with our 24-7 technical service. They will give you professional and detailed instructions patiently and carefully to solve any issue.

  • Breakdown support

    Skilled and experienced engineers from TUBO Machinery are ready to deal with any type of breakdowns.
    Immediate technical assistance and advice by phone and/or e-mail;
    Technical service performed on-site, if needed;
    Urgent supplies of mechanical and electronic components;

  • Refurbishment and upgrades

    TUBO Machinery has rich experience in upgrading, refurbishing or updating aged tube mills.
    Control systems can become outdated and unreliable after long service. We are able to offer the latest PC, PLC and CNC based control options.
    Mechanical and associated systems can also benefit from refurbishment or replacement, giving our users a better quality product and a more reliable operation.

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  • 2018 Clients' Visit
  • 2018 Clients' Visit
  • 2018 Clients' Visit
  • 2018 Clients' Visit
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  • Peru's client visit in 2020